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Coaching, Facilitation & Training Services

Life Coaching

  1. Once-off individual life coaching session
  2. Bundle of 4 individual life coaching sessions 
  3. Bundle of 8 individual life coaching sessions
  4. Once-off group / team coaching 
  5. Bundle of group / team coaching sessions

End-Of-Life Coaching

  1. Compassionate listening & facilitating difficult conversations
  2. Legacy project
  3. Life review project
  4. Creating personal plans  (e.g. advanced care plan or end-of-life care plan)

Facilitation & Training

  1. Facilitation – help groups process a change or hold constructive discussions.
  2. Training – develop expertise in assessing needs, customising training material, delivering content and evaluating content & training efficacy. 
  3. To find out about upcoming training or facilitation, please register your interest via email.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Life Coaching

A life coach is a person with a specialised set of personal qualities and professional competencies. They should be great listeners, curious, and work with you to help you progress towards what you want in life. Life coaching tends to focus on the future and to help you work out strategies to make that future a reality. Life coaches can have different focus areas like wellness, mental wellbeing, business, career, or leadership, etc.

Connecting with another person in a safe space can help you discover or reconnect with what is meaningful and fulfilling in your life. When you need to work out what you really need and want – think about engaging a life coach. When you need a sounding board and someone to hold you accountable to your dreams – consider engaging a life coach. Life coaching has applications throughout life, at big decision points, when tackling life transitions, and to help brainstorm future solutions and carefully evaluate your options.

It’s advisable to work with a life coach that has a qualification and a professional affiliation. Ideally you are looking for someone with coaching experience and life experience. It’s worth doing your research and reading testimonials or references. You also want someone that you feel comfortable around, trust and respect – and a great way to test this is in a chemistry or exploratory session with the coach before you sign a contract.

Also known as a death coach, death doula or death midwife, an end-of-life coach is someone who specialises in having important and meaningful conversations with an aim to empower you to face and plan for end-of-life. End-of-life coaches offer different services, so click through to the section in this website to see what I offer. It is not legal advice, medical care, euthanasia and is not affiliated to any religion.

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