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Coaching Life Transitions

If you noticed the unusual spelling of Mettamorphosis (it’s not a typo!) that’s because this coaching practice is named after the Pali word ‘metta’ meaning loving-kindness or goodwill to others.  Bronwen founded Mettamorphosis in 2019 and the practice is all about transformation, growth and learning.

Bronwen Allan
Bronwen Allan, Founder @ Mettamorphosis

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

If you’ve lost your mojo, suspect there’s something more to life, find your conviction is flagging, feel overwhelmed, or are staring burnout in the eye it might be time to hit the pause button. If you’re feeling short on know-how, zest or clarity, then life-coaching is a great place to start empowering yourself. We work on discovering and reconnecting you with your values, purpose, and strengths. Living authentically demands self-knowledge. Bringing a coach onboard is about partnering with a guide to make your ‘one precious life’, your best life.

End-of-Life Coaching

Finding yourself reflecting on life’s meaning or facing some of life’s biggest challenges? Are you looking for support and tools on living well while coping with a life-limiting condition? End-of-life coaching can resource you now for what matters most to you. If you need skills on how to have difficult conversations, space to think about what you want, or skilful informed support…this type of coaching is a wise companion for your journey. The desire to reflect on life, to review what your life has meant, and to share your lived experiences is catered for in this branch of the practice.

End of Life Coaching

Training & Facilition

Training & Facilitation

Keen on a partner / collaborator to build creative training packages from the ground up? These offerings respond to identified learner needs. Topics include Mental Health & Wellbeing, Resilience, Emotional resilience, Grief, Personal discovery & development and Ethics. Group facilitation fosters exploratory group learning, team coaching or taking groups of individuals through self-discovery journeys.